Would a ‘No Weapons LTM’ work in Fortnite?

Limited Time Modes are one of the key features of Fortnite that keep the game fresh, and new concepts are always being posted.

The latest solid idea is a “No Weapons LTM.”

This concept posted to Reddit’s /r/FortniteBR by An-FBI-Agent would turn off all weapon and turret spawns to force players to find other means to take down opponents.

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Traps, stink bombs, and the pickaxe are the three items they identified as possible other ways to kill opponents.

Quadcrashers could be used for splatter type kills but there aren’t a ton of ways to take down opponents without using a gun in Fortnite.

No weapons LTM concept picture! from FortNiteBR

There are definitely some potential issues with an LTM like this.

Because it will be so hard to kill opponents heal offs may be common because turtling and stacking medkits may be the best way to win.

A solution would be to just prevent medkits – and even shields -from spawning. Without people having weapons, each point of damage will be much tougher to take off and would then be more impactful.

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Another potential issue is skybases. There won’t be any way to break them down from bases in the storm so endgames could get quite boring.

The solution for this would be to have the storm destroy player made structures which would bring the fighting back to the ground.


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