Epic Games shares all known Infinity Blade issues

Epic Games took to Reddit to share some known issues with the newest powerful item.

The Infinity Blade has been in the game less than a day and it is already a hot button topic with many players calling for its removal.

Most of the calls for removal have been because the weapon is overpowered or is drastically changing the main game mode into a sword hunt, not because of actual issues with it.

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Epic identified two known issues with the Infinity Blade.

  • A loss of the HUD (Head-up Display which displays the graphics like name, health, and map to the player) after using the Infinity Blade.
  • Repeatedly perform the swinging animation for a short period of time, without ever fully completing the animation

The first issue has a workaround by going into settings > gear > HUD > turn Quickbar: On.

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This is by no means a comprehensive list of all the issues, just the ones they are working on right now. Epic encourages people to submit their bugs using the in-game options.

The Reddit comments are an avalanche of players saying the item should just be removed altogether, or at least put in a separate LTM. Any issues with the Infinity Blade will be on full display in the Winter Royale with plenty of money on the line.

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