Pro players react to the overpowered Infinity Blade in Winter Royale

The Winter Royale exclusive event has just started and the recent changes to Fortnite have made it not very popular.

With $1 million on the line in prizes, players have been grinding to qualify for Winter Royale.

This morning, Epic Games introduced the Infinity Blade which is similar in power to the Thanos Gauntlet from the Marvel LTM.

The problem is clear. For a massive tournament with a major prize pool that heavily relies on players getting kills to earn points, the sword provides a massive advantage.

Psalm absolutely destroyed a late-game lobby filled with pro players using the sword:

It’s not even just the sword, the planes also dramatically change the game and render a lot of the skills learned and practiced over time useless.

The backlash from qualified players has been swift.

Most notably is Ninja. He has a longstanding working relationship with Epic and hasn’t been quick to criticize the game lately unless there are egregious errors.

“The players in the general chat right now are just raging,” he said in the Twitch clip below:

Ghost Gaming’s Bizzle is quicker to criticize and he didn’t pull any punches:

Team Liquid’s Vivid is clearly upset and said “When you get thrown into a game where it doesn’t feel like you can win because you don’t have a fuckin sword… it’s tilting”

Even Psalm, who was the source of a lot of frustration after dominating a late game with the sword, seemed almost ashamed of using what he felt was an underhanded tactic.

Of course, it’s not Psalm’s fault. Unless all the players enter a gentleman’s agreement to not use the sword, it will be a case of kill or be killed.

The list could go on and on and I’m going to stop writing intros and let the tweets do the talking.

Tfue (who didn’t qualify):


100T’s Kenith:

TSM Myth:

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