Thanos Limited Time Mode potentially returning to Fortnite

Newly added files which point to the potential return of the Thanos Limited Time Mode returning to Fortnite have been added with the recent v7.01 patch.

Despite the lack of content in Patch v7.01 which was primarily a balancing and bug fix Patch, three new files have been discovered which may indicate the return of the Thanos LTM.

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New files with the Jim_ prefix were added in v7.01 in the Carmine folder, Jim_ and Carmine were the internal names used to identify Thanos LTM assets. The assets are named as follows…

  • M_Jim_Chroma_Sphere_NoRefraction
  • P_Jim_Chroma_Pickup_Derez
  • P_Jim_Chroma_Pickup_Fading

The above audio asset is from the carmine_disappear_01 file. While the sound is a simple FX which is used when the Infinity Gauntlet disappears, it’s re-addition to the game is certainly interesting.

v7.01 also brought the new Infinity Sword which has similar properties as the Infinity Gauntlet from the Thanos LTM. It’s possible that this is a reused asset, though this has yet to be proven.

Epic Games has yet to provide an official statement or teaser whether or not the Thanos LTM will return. It’s not known whether Epic still has the legal rights to feature Marvel’s assets in their game. Stay tuned.

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