This Teen Titans Tower is Fortnite’s Creative mode at its best

Content creators are going all out in the creative mode but this Teen Titans recreation may be the most in-depth work yet.

Team Kaliber content creators WhosChaos and GONE spent over ten hours on a full model of the iconic Titans Tower from the popular animated show.

Just creating the outside of the tower is impressive in itself, but they recreated just about every room ever shown on the TV show.

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In the show, so much of the plot took place inside that tower and the building is truly fleshed out.

The recreation shows 14 different rooms and areas from the show, not including the grounds outside.

If you were a fan of the show, the attention to detail is sure to trigger some nostalgia. Even if you were not a fan, the sheer size and work put into the model are impressive.

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WhosChaos took to Twitter and used the in-game replay mode to provide a full tour of the building.

This is exactly what Epic Games had in mind when they started development of the creative mode. Expect to see many more in-depth creations in the future as people explore what the mode is capable of.

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