A new Destiny 2 emote apes the This is Fine meme – its creator says this is fine

You know those days where everything goes wrong, but you can’t be bothered to do anything about it? Where your life is falling apart, but just a little bit? Where it’s easier to bask in the chaos of your own personal disaster than to actually do anything about the crisis bearing down upon you?

If you know that feeling, then you probably know the accompanying meme. “This is Fine” by cartoonist K.C. Green first appeared as a Gunshow webcomic in 2013. The comic features a cute dog sitting happily at a kitchen table while the house around him burns to the ground.

The comic has been recycled and reinvented across the internet an uncountable number of times, but its latest reincarnation is as a Destiny 2 emote. “Nothing is Wrong” was added to the game as part of its Season 5 patch, which hit live servers earlier this week, along with a bunch of bug fixes, balance changes, and brand-new Pinnacle weapons that everyone can get their hands on.

Author: NOT_BOT

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