Samurai Shodown’s Haohmaru brings his wild, untamed hair to battle

Every fighting game needs its hero. For Street Fighter, it’s Ryu, for Dragon Ball FighterZ, it’s 14 types of Goku, for Mortal Kombat, it’s Movado, and for Samurai Shodown, it’s the fiery Haohmaru, showcased here in a new trailer from SNK.

The original star of the Samurai Showdown series, Haohmaru has been in every iteration of the game since, recognised by his black and white stylised gi and masses of wild hair. Haohmaru is the embodiment of the “Samurai Spirit” (the series’ Japanese title) and serves no man, living his life as a wandering swordsman. As the protagonist, Haohmaru has faced many dangerous opponents and villains, only for them all to find themselves on the business end of sharp steel.

Samurai Shodown's Haohmaru brings his wild, untamed hair to battle screenshot

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