BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle welcome’s Under Night In-Birth’s dangerous fashionista Hilda

Arc System Works continues to showcase some of the crossover stars headed to fighter BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle as part of its upcoming Version 2.0 update. Today’s trailer looks at my personal favourite Under Night In-Birth character, the delectable Hilda.

Rocking clothing to die for, a stunning hairdo, and heterochromatic eyes, Hilda’s beauty and cheerful appearance belies her severely dangerous nature, with plans of utter domination fueled by her untold levels of ambition and arrogance. Hilda made her debut as the boss character of Under Night In-Birth, before eventually joining the roster as DLC.

Hilda’s power and vanity is on display in her fighting style, with devastating projectiles delivered at speed with a minimum of effort and maximum disdain. While Hilda can struggle in hand-to-hand combat, her ability to control the entire battlefield with her fast specials makes her an incredible difficult for to close in on.

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle welcome's Under Night In-Birth's dangerous fashionista Hilda screenshot

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Author: NOT_BOT

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