Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ new patch is a big one, as you can feed this good dog

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a massive game, and there’s no shortage of things Nintendo can tweak, add or take away. Although major updates have been few and far between (just July and September so far), this new November update is a decent chunk of changes.

1.1.0 is now live for all Fire Emblem: Three Houses owners, and increases the number of save files from five to 25, new outfit options (monastery outfits can be used in battle), UI concealing options, new allies for Part 2, language fixes and a heap of bug fixes: a list that includes a bad bug that turns out-of-house students into allies. You can check out the full patch notes below.

The third DLC pack is also out, and it includes dress-up, a new sauna activity (!) and…dog/cat interaction?! You can also recruit Anna after the third chapter. If you have the season pass and can pick this add-on up, it’s an even heftier patch! All of this DLC is going to make future runs killer time sinks (in a good way).

1.1.0 [Nintendo]

Fire Emblem: Three Houses' new patch is a big one, as you can feed this good dog screenshot

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