Review: Heroland

I’m sure I’m not unique in saying this but I’ve had a lifelong affinity for theme parks. It’s always been my dream to pull a Dolly Parton and buy one to call my own.

I know that’s not going to happen — Destructoid doesn’t pay that well — but the idea of having a park full of rides, games, food stands, and themed bathrooms has stuck with me since childhood and is the daydream that most often pulls me away from whatever it is I should be doing. Even now, as I write this review, I want to stop and picture this imaginary park that I’ll definitely, probably, most likely never own.

I can pretty much map out everything I’d want in my fantasy park, but after playing through Heroland I’m going to need to make some additions, because this game is giving me ideas.

Review: Heroland screenshot

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Author: NOT_BOT

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