Half-Life: Alyx mod lets you play the full game outside VR

It only took a few weeks, but there’s finally a mod that lets you play Half-Life: Alyx without a VR headset.

The writing has been pretty much on the wall since Half-Life: Alyx players discovered a suite of console commands that enable the game to run without a VR headset, but an inventive modder has now created the first no-VR mod.

The mod does exactly what you think it does: turn Half-Life: Alyx into a traditional 3D, flat game that can be played start to finish outside of VR. Alyx already supports smooth movement, which the mod uses. It also maps the rest of the functions found on VR controllers to traditional keyboard keys.

It’s not perfect, and the mod’s official Github page even warns of some tricky sections, but it works. The only other issue at this point is that it will take you a while to set up. The video below walks you through the entire process, and it’s pretty involved.

We recently spoke to Valve about why Half-Life’s iconic crowbar didn’t make it into Alyx, and why the game features no driving sections.

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