Fortnite pro pays off mother’s student loans live on stream

Fortnite streamer and pro player Aydan surprised his mother on stream with a heartfelt gesture.

Aydan Conrad, a Twitch streamer who mainly plays Fortnite, decided to surprise his mother by paying off all of her remaining student loans.

Conrad, who’s also a Fortnite professional player, and member of Ghost Gaming team, decided to let his mother know live on stream.

“I don’t need anything, Aydan. You’ve done enough for me,” his mother said, unaware of the news she’s about to be told. When he finally tells her, she initially dismisses the idea as “it’s not a federal loan.”

Conrad reassures her that it is possible by uttering the name of a person they both know, who helped make it happen. When she realises that he’s actually serious, she’s stunned and immediately starts crying.

“It’s not me. It’s all the people watching my stream right now. They made it possible,” Aydan tells her in the most modest fashion. “Everybody hit exclamation-point sub and exclamation-point Prime,” she replies.

Conrad placed 37th in Tier One Duos at the Fortnite World Cup last year, earning him $50,000. He regularly finishes high in Fortnite tournaments, with an estimated $129,000 in total earnings.

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